The hotel fulfilled the management index determined

Because the modem corporate governance mechanism of domestic hotels has not been established completely and the market of professional managers has not been formed entirely, the roles of professional managers have not played in state- owned hotels. However, in the cases of Taiwan Hotel Beijing, professional managers can play the leverage effects of “margin prizing” […]

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An Easy-To-Follow Overview Of How To Become A Wildland Firefighter

Among the wide range of firefighting tasks, wildland firefighting is one important avenue that requires concerned professionals to combat wildfires and prevent any future possibility of fires right from the beginning. In addition to carrying out the many common job responsibilities, wildland firefighters have to stay engaged in special duties that are specific to wild […]

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The reforms of state-owned enterprises

Proposition 6-5: The reforms of state-owned enterprises, especially those in possession of hotels are providing the strong and powerful market forces to drive the transformations of state-owned hotels. One reason for this is that the quality and legal person governance of parent companies can influence the quality and operation models of subsidiary companies (exclusively invested, […]

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